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This post is for my kids.  My son is only 6 when I posted this.  No one knows what curves life with through out at you.  I want my kids to know and remember me after I am gone.  I didn't write these but I think its important to share them. 1. Never shake a [...]

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Robert A. Heinlein Is Needed More Today Than Ever.

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The author Robert A. Heinlein has been dead for nearly 30 years but his words are more needed today than ever. To be upfront and honest I hadn't read much Heinlein until recently. I had read his most well known book Starship Troopers in college as well as portions of A Stranger in a Strange [...]

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Motörhead “Heroes” (David Bowie Cover)

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I will confess I am not a huge Motörhead fan. However, I have been often intrigued by the late Ian Fraser Kilmister, better known as Lemmy especially after the rockumentary, “Lemmy” (2010). Lemmy is a lovable character of a rock star. On September 1, 2017, Motörhead released “Under Cöver” an album of covers songs. My [...]

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Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill (Live DNA)

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On Feb. 25th of 1977, former Genesis front-man Peter Gabriel released his solo debut album, his first of four untitled albums. From this album spawned this classic. 40 years of delicious goodness. Gabriel has said of the song's meaning, "It's about being prepared to lose what you have for what you might get ... It's [...]