With all the new website creation tools and software it appears that creating a website may seem simple, but the fact remains that creating a professional looking website takes experience. Regardless of the reason you are creating a website, a professional website design company has the inside knowledge and a wide variety of professional services that you and/or your business needs to make your website stand out among the millions of websites created every day. There are probably a hundred reasons why hiring a web design firm is important but here are just 10.

1. Credibility

Credibility is the most important factor in converting visitors of your website to customers or regular users.  A poorly designed website makes visitors to your site less likely to use, download or purchase your products. A professionally designed website gives your visitors to your site the impression that you are an established professional. Professionalism makes you more trustworthy.  Trust is important especially in a business environment.

2. Professionalism

Its your reputation online for the world. The professionalism a website design firm can offer you is invaluable. People often relate the quality of a person’s services with the quality of their website. If your website looks bad, visitors are more likely to go elsewhere for their services because they will have doubts about the level of professionalism your company can offer them. Having a web design firm create your website will make your website look more professional.

3. Site Security

Security is another important feature that a web design firm can offer you. A website design firm can ensure that your site is not only professional in appearance but secure for your visitors as well. Security is also important to protect your business.  You wouldn’t want a data breach to destroy your business.

4. Content Creation

Writing for the web requires an inside knowledge of the inner workings of search engines to compose effective text. A professional web design firm will have professional content writers to create content for your website that will not only be appealing to your visitors, but will also contribute to Search Engine success.

5. Web Design

The visual appeal of your website is also integral to your website’s success. Professional web design firms have designers who are trained for web design.  Creating aesthetically pleasing websites and the proper use of color theory are important to the success of any website. Creating that unique brand for your site is important. You want to be distinguished from your competitors.

6. Search Engine Optimisation

Getting ranked high in the search engines is an important key to success regardless of what type of website you are building. It is important to use the proper techniques that when employed properly, can increase your search engine ranking. Professional web design firms know how to properly optimize your websites for search engines.

7. Save Money

Time is money. Time efficiency is one of the most important reasons that you should use a web design firm to design your website. Often time is lost when you pursue building your own website. This time could be instead used better. Leave it to the experts. Hiring a web design firm means that your website is built both professionally and quickly, and it allows you the time you need to devote to other areas of your business.

8. Network of Professionals

Web design firms have a network of professionals within the industry, many more than the average person. This enables the web design firm to have more resources which can be used when they are creating your website. The web design firm can make sure that you and your business have the best hosts, servers and related services in the business. Web design firms have the ability to optimize your costs and give your site the best fit of what it needs from servers and hosting to many other customizable options.

9. Ease of Use

Professional web designers know how to create web pages that are both professional and easy to navigate. If your site looks good but it is complicated to use, you will lose visitors.

10.  Reliability

Reliability is very important. A Web design firm will carefully test all of the pages of any your website to ensure that the pages are stable and work as designed. They will make sure that your website is glitch free and fully functional before it goes live. A broken website irritates customers and prevents them from using your services.  It’s a business killer.

Brannon Carter is the President & CEO of Webnovate. Webnovate provides professional Internet Marketing, SEO and PPC Marketing Campaigns, Website Design, Copywriting, Custom Application Development, Graphic Design and IT Services. Please visit http://www.webnovate.com to learn more.