This morning I was catching up on my Google Reader.  One of my favorite RSS feeds is from  Mashable is a tech site that deals with subjects that I am passionate about like blogging.

Today the guest author Liz Borod Wright, shared 10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers.  The piece really spoke to me.  Most of these tips are things that I try to convey to my clients on how to handle social media and their business.   I am sharing them here because I hope that my clients take some of these lessons to heart.

10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers

by Liz Borod Wright

1. Display your social media icons prominently toward the top of your website.

2. Every blog should have its own Facebook Page

3. Generate traffic with StumbleUpon.

4. Import your RSS feed onto your LinkedIn profile using its Blog Link application.

6. Use link shorteners even when you don’t have to.

7. Use your blog name as your username whenever possible.

8. Join blogger groups on Facebook.

9. Be generous with other bloggers.

10. Be on social media — even when it’s not driving traffic.

Liz Borod Wright, a freelance writer based in New York City, runs the popular travel blog, Travelogged. She is also a social media consultant and an adjunct for social media at Columbia Journalism School’s continuing education program.

Please visit Mashable to read a lot more about these 10 tips.