Its been twenty years since Kurt Cobain decided to end it all. 20 freaking years… where has the time gone?

In a previous blog post: The End of Nirvana I wrote:

Sometime in the fall of 1991, I heard Nirvana’s  Smells Like Teen Spirit.  The music hit me in the face like a brick. After one listen I was hooked.

Its true. That song knocked me on my butt.  I was hooked instantly.  I had no idea at the time that Nirvana would become the voice of my generation. Nirvana changed the musical landscape.  It put the nail in the coffin of rock and roll/hair bands of the 1980’s and killed them with a new era of music called grunge or the Seattle sound.  Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Mother Love Bone created the flannel shirt band motif.  I must be honest I only loved Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots during the early 90’s.  I blame most of the music at the time for my dive into more classic rock of the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Just a few short years later Kurt Cobain offs himself and seals the fate of Nirvana. Some how this 4 year rocket ride of “4 kids who just wanted to play in a band” became the voice of GenerationX.

Even though April 5th marks the day of Cobain’s actual death, it’s April 8, 1994 that is forever etched in my memory. That’s the day we found out. I had just spent a week out in California at my grandmothers home.  I had gone out there to do some work on her property to help repay a loan she gave me for school. I was driving in my jeep wrangler with the top down soaking up the Nevada desert  on a beautiful spring day when on the radio I heard that Kurt’s body and suicide note had been found.

I just remember thinking why for the next 400 miles to Salt Lake City.

Why would someone at the top of their game blow their head off with a shotgun?

And 20 years later I still don’t understand.

This is MTV News Report of Cobain’s Death.