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San Antonio Texas Home Inspection Service

My dad has been working to start his own home inspection business. He has experience in new home construction as well as years of professional level maintence and property upkeep.In Texas it is common for new home purchasers to hire an inspector to inspect construction as its built to assure that problems by the builder [...]

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Chunga Gives Mister West the BOOOT!!!

So the truth comes out about a beloved radio DJ Deseret News... Friday, Feb. 22, 2008 12:56 a.m. MST —"Mister West," the former KENZ ("The End," FM-101.9) morning personality, now works for the Deseret Morning News as an assistant city editor. "It was the last thing in the world I expected," Mister said of his [...]

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Handful of Senators Don’t Pass Legislation

"Yeah, my blood's so mad feels like coagulatin' I'm sitting here just contemplatin' I can't twist the truth, it knows no regulation. Handful of senators don't pass legislation And marches alone can't bring integration When human respect is disintegratin' This whole crazy world is just too frustratin' " Eve of Destruction by Barry Maquire I [...]

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Webnovate – Innovating & Renovating the Web One Site at a Time!

I have a part-time job with a local web development company called Webnovate. Webnovate specializes in custom web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and web marketing. We are a firm that is located in Provo, Utah with clients throughout the United States. We specialize in innovating new websites and renovating old ones. We focus mostly [...]

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JayLynn Studios

Since 1906, JayLynn Studios in Salt Lake City has specialized in capturing memories and considers it a privilege to be a part of those memories. JayLynn’s photographers have delivered quality, professional photos for nearly four generations, capturing everything from weddings to senior pictures. The personable and caring ambiance of the original 1906 establishment is still [...]

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