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Nerd Alert

Today I passed my exam to be a HAM radio operator. It wasn't really that hard. I had four 2-3 hour classes. Then I had a 35 question test. In all honesty it was never an interest but my work paid for it and so I took the free training. It made me think what [...]

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Jimmy Chunga Plagiarizes a Joke

This morning I flipped on 101.9 the end for kicks and giggles. Following the Mr. West dust up and the internet following it has brought entertains me. So I am stooping down to listen… I know I know. This morning Jimmy Chunga shared one of his rules of life “If you made it until 30 [...]

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All Right All You Gun Haters: Ted Nugent Talks Gun Control

Ted Nugent eloquently shares his view on gun control.  His view is very similar to mine on the 2nd Amendment and Crime. Moderator: second-amendment uh... gun control you've been on the uh... NRA since  ninety five and this is a subject that you may feel more strongly about.  Make your case Ted Nugent: I believe that a [...]

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