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Government Plans to Monitor Peer to Peer Networks

Senator Joe Biden (D-Del) wants the US Government to fund $1 billion in tax dollars to monitor peer-to-peer networks. Two years ago, Special Agent Flint Waters from the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office developed software dubbed “Operation Fair Play” to monitor Internet Crimes against Children. I hate child predators. I think they should have harsher penalties [...]

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Here is a clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that is very funny and yet very sad. There are people out there that think that the Marines are responsible for violence. My awe is really with the people of Berkley. How can you compare Berkley with Baghdad? I love how because they are [...]

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Humble Pie

Sit right down and have some delicious humble pie. I am not someone who with holds his opinions. I have been known to make mistakes and do and say stupid things. In this blog I have cruxified people and businesses that have "done me wrong". In my eyes most of these people had it coming. [...]

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