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Mudville 9 How to ruin Little League by Major League Baseball

It appears that Major League Baseball has lost their minds. The steriod scandal has pushed them over the edge. MLB is now forcing Little Leagues to remove any MLB team names from their jerseys. What the hell? Do we really think that Little Leagues are stealing millions of dollars in revenue from baseball? Even if [...]

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Barack Obama's America

Recently I was forwarded a YouTube video of Barack Obama saying he had been to 57 states with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. WTF 57 states? Is this his other America? [youtube=]I was confused so I researched the subject….Google. I typed in “how many states are in the United States of America”?. I received [...]

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Lately I have become fired up about politics. It all started when I started to tell people that I wanted to buy a gun for protection. The nuts started falling out of the trees. Anti-gun people started to shame me for my basic right to personal protection even though it’s already a constitutionally guaranteed right [...]

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What is Wrong with Sheldon Killpack?

In America there are really four branches of government but the apathetic American people think that there are only three, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The fourth part of the system is The People. If government isn't representing you and your views properly they should be fired. Vote the bastards out of office. However The People [...]

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