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Energy Independence Day….

I love the environmentalists that are what I term the end of worlders. End of the worlders are people that predict the destruction of the earth by man. First it was the never ending winter, now its global warming or even more recently climate change. It’s hard to take a lot of these people seriously. [...]

Danes are the Happiest People in the World

WTF???? According to a English University Study. It turns out that Denmark has been #1 for 30 years. Danes are not outwardly happy. I think they are content not happy but the socialistic system has made them so that they don't feel success very often because everything is so even. Wondering where the USA ranked [...]

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Super Hero

I am plugging my cousins band... Super Hero. They are playing the Outer Rim this Saturday. The band is a ska reggae band. Its funny I found out about them because their lead singer works where I work. Odd?!?

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Bo You Don’t Know Diddley

Yesterday I was sad to read about the passing of an icon of rock and roll. Bo Diddley passed away in his home in Florida yesterday at the age of 79. Bo was one of the Godfathers of Rock and Roll. He created the sound of bluesy rock and roll. With his unique home made [...]

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