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Reinstating the Gun Ban is Good for Mexico

My favorite part of Herr Holder is... his mouth. It appears he let the cat out of the bag with these statements yesterday. Some of my favorite parts... “I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.“ Holder said at a news conference on the arrest of more than 700 people in a drug enforcement crackdown on Mexican drug cartels operating in the U.S. Mexican government officials have complained that the availability of sophisticated guns from the United States have emboldened drug traffickers to fight over access routes into the U.S. Holder described his discussions with his Mexican counterpart about the recent spike in violence. “I met yesterday with Attorney General Medina Mora of Mexico, and we discussed the unprecedented levels of violence his country is facing because of their enforcement efforts,“ he said. First off I don't give a rats pajama about what is happening in Mexico. Let them kill themselves. I do find it ironic that the current administration that is so desperately trying to revive the economy is now squishing the sale of guns in the US to Mexicans. I guess there goes one of our few exports. I also find it interesting that Mexico has strict gun control laws. I really don't think guns are the problem with the violence in Mexico, its the drug trade. Maybe Attorney General Eric "gun ban" Holder could do more to fight the demand for drugs from Mexico.

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Jon Huntsman Jr. Gay Rights Activist or Political Opportunist

Recently Utah Republican Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. came out of the political closest by announcing publically that he supports Civil Unions. A bold move in ultra-conservative Utah where according to a recent Salt Lake Tribune poll "70 percent of Utahans oppose civil unions". This seems like a brash stance and a strange place to lash out at those who got you elected. I think there may be more to this. It's opportunity knocking.

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The Stimulus Bill

Newt Gingrich made some excellent points about this bill. Some of my favorite parts: Obama is in real danger in becoming Jimmy Carter instead of Ronald Reagan. Even better was it would take all the taxes in the United States from January until August to pay for it. It will cost more than 7 years [...]

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