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Unsavory Government: Meddling in the Free Market

I think it is bad for America and bad for business when the government gets involved by forcing its will. The bounds have been broken and where does it now end? In the last 6 months I have seen some seriously disturbing moves by our government. Bailing out worthless companies, removal of business leaders and extreme taxation used as a weapon. These new unprecedented moves gives Government more power than ever.

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Pull Up Your Pants Day!

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy I love it when someone has a great idea and pushes morals and standards of acceptance. People need boundaries especially kids growing up. Go Plantation High Administration in Plantation, FL. Capitalizing on Pres. Barack Obama's call to "Men of America - Pull Up Your [...]

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Glock Gunfighting 101

Ok I know some of you out there think I have become a tinfoil hat wearing, government despising, end-of-the-worlder freak known also as a gun owner. I promise I don't have a tinfoil hat, I am not building a bunker, I am not planning the overthrow of the government or anything like that. But I [...]

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BIT.LY: A Short URL Tracking Tool

Many of you use social media to promote your websites. Twitter is on fire at the moment but soon another fad or legitimate tool will burgeon onto the scene. Due to twitters limited amount of characters long URLs often times don't fit especially if you include any other commentary. Tiny takes a large URL and creates a shorter and more easily managed and shared URL. Tiny URL's have become the rage with the Tweets. Most webmaster likes their stats and ability to track success at view them at the granular level.

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