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The Swine-dle: Arlen Specter changes teams.

It appears to me that Specter took a deal with the devil in order to try to get re-elected by leaving the party that got his ass elected 5 times. Specter has sold all the Republicans who have helped him over the last 30 years and sold them down the river. Specter star suddenly rose out of the ashes of politics like a phoenix when the Dems realized that he would be the filibuster proof majority the Democrats need. Even the President was paying him the love this morning.

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The Swine Flu Pandemic was caused by the Conservatives

Let's be honest for once do we really think for one second that $900 million dollars would prevented the 40 people that the Center for Disease Control have confirmed with Swine Flu. Do we honestly think that the masses are any less safe today because we didn't spend even more money in the Swineous Porkus Bill of 2009? I think not. No amount of money has fixed the ailing banks, suffering economy, stemmed massive job losses and decimated investments of hundreds of millions. Throwing money at a "pandemic preparedness plan" was not going to create jobs. Besides the medical industry is one of the few industries adding jobs.

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It’s not like its real money?

 courtesy of I applaud the President for having the guts to ask for cuts of $100,000,000 from each member of his cabinet. I mean one hundred million dollars is a nice sum anywhere but in Washington D.C. "$100 million there, $100 million here, pretty soon, even in Washington, it adds up to real money," [...]

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Miss California The National Tragedy.

When is it inappropriate to share your beliefs? The Miss America Pageant. Perez Hilton was trolling for victims. His question was loaded. It was an atomic bomb of a question: a life sucker from which there was no escape. He knew it. The audience knew it. Prejean knew it. Carrie Prejean was led like a lamb to the slaughter because Hilton is a gory glory hound. After all Hilton makes a living by crucifying people.

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