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Decision of Leadership

Everyone must make decisions. What to eat? Where to go? Where to live? Live is full of choices that give us experience to answer more and maybe harder questions. When decision time arises there are many who advise do this don't do that. It can all be daunting. The fear of an incorrect decision is [...]

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Energy Myths and Realities

returning to the lessons my generation learned from the 1970s energy crisis. We learned that energy choices favored by politicians but not confirmed by markets are destined to fail. If history has taught us anything it‟s that we should resist the temptation to ask politicians to substitute their judgments for that of the market, and let markets determine how much energy gets used, what types of energy get used, where, how and by whom energy gets used. In truth, no source of energy is perfect, thus only markets can weigh the pros and cons of each source. Government‟s role is to set reasonable standards for environmental performance, and make sure markets work.

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Is the Media Anti-Religion? Attacks on Carrie Prejean Continue.

The latest attack on Carrie Prejean is about some modeling photos (semi-nude) that were sold to the tabloids.There seems to be some dispute as to when they were taken. So what? For some reason people who are religious have to be perfect in every part of their lives or else it’s a complete discredit to religion.

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