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My post today is in response to my friend Marque. Marque I normally agree with you. We are very similar but this time you are wrong.... "With that said, I never wish to offend and I typically avoid discussions of religion and politics so as to not offend, but I have felt this so strongly [...]

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President Grover Cleveland’s View of Limited Government Still Applies Today

Of President Grover Cleveland's 584 vetoes, that of the "Texas Seed Bill" (February 16, 1887) may be the most famous. Members of Congress wanted to help suffering farmers in the American West, but Cleveland rejected their bill, citing the limited mission of the general government and arguing that private charity and already-existing government programs should furnish the necessary aid.

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Diamonds are Forever even if Your Marriage Isn’t.

This ring came with a romantic proposal, then following, 8 years of lies and deceit. Which I would trade for 8 root canals with no anesthesia!Apparently "Eternity" is just a perfume, and I think it STINKS. Ultimately he lost 3 gorgeous kids and the best thing that ever happened to him!Win-Win. YOU get a ring-set at a great price and I got rid of the job-less cheat! When you call, please refer to this ad as the "Gladys, Cassy, Hilary, Brenda and Secretary" ad, because those are the women he left me and his kids for.

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Help my band Get to Open for Blink 182 on Sept. 7th!!

My band Superhero is entered in a competition through X96 to open for Blink 182 on Sept. 7th, 2009. What i need YOUR help with is to vote for my band! This show is going to be at the Mckay Events Center, it will be a stadium show that will probably sell out. It's safe to say I would love to rock out with my band in front of thousands of people!

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