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Best of State Nomination for My Guitar Teacher Jon Dansie’s Starchild Music Productions

I think a lot of my readers thought I was bragging about how great my guitar teach was in my post about How to Find a Guitar Teacher. Well its all true... Jon Dansie's Starchild Music Productions was nominated for Utah's Best of State Award. "This is a big #$%^ing deal." Vice President Joe Biden. [...]

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How to Find a Guitar Teacher

There comes a time in every guitar players life that they want to learn more. In my case I wanted to learn more than just strumming. I figured I needed a good instructor.  I was lucky and a friend of mine suggested a really good local guitar instructor, Jon Dansie of Starchild Music Productions in [...]

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Interview with “Alice in Wonderland” Animator: Seth Hippen

Sometimes it's nice to see dreams come true.  My brother-in-law Seth Hippen has emerged as a local celebrity lately.  Why? Because Seth is an animator.  His latest work allowed him to work on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. The local media was tipped off that Seth lives in Utah and was invited to be the [...]

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Utah Politics at Its Wackiest 2010

I love the politics of Utah… It’s a train wreck that never ends and is endlessly entertaining. The jackasses that run this state are plentiful. The schemes mostly hare-brained and mostly we can blame the Mormons if you read the majority of commenter’s posts on Utah news sites. Here are a few of my favorites [...]

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