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Apple Becomes The Bully: Raids Journalist’s Home

What the hell has happened to Apple? Steve Jobs and Apple  are acting like the Gestapo. The background story in short… An Apple engineer looses the next-gen iPhone prototype at a bar.  Some one finds it and and attempts to return it to Apple. Apple doesn't realize its missing or whatever.  The finder after realizing [...]

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Utah Corrections creating commemorative coin for Ronnie Lee Gardner execution

Today’s rant… The Utah Department of Corrections is planning on issuing a commemorative coin for those who participate in the Ronnie Lee Gardner execution. We don’t have money to fund education in the State of Utah but we have money to fund a commemorative coin for the Ronnie Lee Gardner execution. Apparently since 1985 Utah’s [...]

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Value-Added Tax is Not the Answer

Today's post is a guest post from a friend. I find it relevant because very soon the President and The Congress are going to ask for a Value Added Tax. The VAT is essentially a national sales tax, levied in proportion to the goods and services produced and sold. But its delightful concealment comes from the fact [...]

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Lego Music Videos

Apparently there are a lot of wanna be film makers using Lego's to create movies.  I guess it's an easy way to do stop motion on a budget. The great thing is there are thousands of great Lego videos.  Because I am a music junkie, here are some cool Lego Music Videos. Beat It – [...]

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The Chunga Show at 101.9 THE END is Over!

After a 14 year run today was The End of The Chunga Show. Apparently its been reported at All Access that Citadel the owner of The End has adopted a dj-less format that will focus on 90's music and Gen X'ers. ALL ACCESS is hearing from reliable sources that CITADEL Triple A KENZ(THE END)/SALT LAKE [...]

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