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I am a Dave Grohl fan.

The first time I saw Nirvana was on MTV in the fall of 1991.  It was the debut on MTV of Smells Like Teen Spirit. I was instantly hooked despite many friends who hated it.  For the clueless Dave Grohl was Nirvana's drummer. He has since gone on to create Foo Fighters and work with [...]

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Delta Airlines Destroys A Bike Used for Charity and Fails to Refund Shipping Charges

Delta Airlines recently Destroyed a Triathelete's bike during transit. Triathelete James Lawrence is doing 20 triathons in 30 weeks to raise money for drought relief in Kenya. While traveling back from a triathlon in Hawaii his expensive custom bike was destroyed by Delta Airlines after paying $200 to check it. Delta is refusing to pay for the damage or even return the check baggage fee.

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Satan’s Lawnmower is For Sale

Its time for another funny ad from KSL Classifieds. You know you want it... The Devil's very own Craftsman 21" 5.5 HP Self-propelled Lawnmower. Yes, that is correct, this is in fact Satan's lawn mower. Manufactured in Hell and shipped via the S.S. Titanic to a Sears store where I bought it. This lawnmower is [...]

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