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I am Polygamist Cult Leader… NOT

I thought today I would blog about what my friends especially my California friends are all thinking. Eran moved to Utah and is now a member of a polygamist cult.  I mean why else would anyone move to Utah? Right? I would like to dispel all the rumors. I am not a polygamist nor do [...]

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5 Iconic Gibson Les Paul Guitarists

For those not in the know I play a Gibson Les Paul Studio that I picked up a few years ago. I thought I would blog about some of the most iconic Gibson players. Slash: Guns N' Roses' former guitarist Slash plays a classic Gibson Les Paul sunburst.  Slash's signature sound is the typical formula [...]

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10 Great Song Covers

All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix Although I am a Dylan fan this is really Jimi's song now. The guitar work is nothing but amazing. Turn the Page - Metallica Originally written and made famous by Bob Seger from his Back in '72 album.  Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich recalled hearing it driving across the [...]

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