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I love Google Chrome.

The web browser is arguable the single most important piece of software on your computer. Most people spend most of their time online inside a web browser. When you search, chat email, shop bank, read the news, watch videos and post to Facebook you are doing it within a web browser. Google released their web [...]

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When Metallica Ruled the World

Once upon a time Metallica Ruled the Earth and heavy metal was the master and Justin Bieber didn't exist. Metallica ruled the heavy metal scene. To honor their past and because some times you just need that heavy music to clean the house to or to beat that damn elliptical machine at the gym. Here are some of my favorite Metallica.

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How Ugly is BYU Football?

There is an old ugly girl joke " The girl is so ugly that if she were a sleep on your arm you would chew your arm off so not to wake her when you leave." BYU football appears to be that ugly. BYU COED JOKES On Friday the Cougars were trounced by Utah State, [...]

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