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Utah Snowmobile Avalanche

This is a friends video of a snowmobile caused avalanche.  It might have looked small but make no mistake while it may look small this is extremely dangerous and could have easily killed someone. Utah is a great destination for ATVing and snowmobiling. If you are looking to have a great adventure with snowmobiles in [...]

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The Happiness Flow Chart

While stumbling around the web I found this flow chart.  Its brilliant. I wish I knew who created it as I would give them full credit. The brilliance of it to me is that too many people aren't doing what makes them happy but instead continue down a path that doesn't make them happy.  If [...]

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Links About Utah HB 477

What Others are Saying... Weighing in on H B 477 -Utah Political Summary This is a an extremely well written piece on what changes and why its a bad law. The Governor of Utah: Today’s Worst Person in FOI World - The Art of Access Blog Utah Citizens Against Secret Government RALLY Tuesday, March 8 · 12:00pm - 2:00pm [...]

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Repeal Utah House Bill 477

Yesterday I blogged about House Bill 477.  Well it passed and passed with a strong majority. It is now time to put the pressure on Governor Gary Herbert. Our Governor has the ability to end this craziness.  Lets hope he does so that the Law can be better written and give due process. There is [...]

Utah Legislature Doesn’t Want the Public or the Media to Access Government Records

UPDATE: Apparently This PASSED ANYWAY. The most dangerous time to be in Utah is during the 45 days that the Utah Legislature is in session.  While there have been plenty of completely asinine laws considered, the crème del a crème is House Bill 477.  The bill would make wide-ranging changes to the Government Records Access [...]

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