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Dell Schanze arrested for Paragliding Stunt in Oregon

Dell Schanze is... an Utah Original, an Utah Entrepreneur, an adrenaline junkie or just a guy who likes attention, any attention.  Apparently  he garnered the attention of  police and was arrested in Oregon for a Paragliding stunt where he jumps off the Astoria column.  I think people love to hate him but that is why [...]

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Happy Birthday Les Paul

Today is the birthday of one of my heroes, Les Paul.   Les Paul was an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor.  He was a pioneer in the development of the sold-body electric guitar (See my Les Paul) which is the backbone to the sound of rock and roll. Paul is also credited with [...]

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How to Disable Facebook’s Facial Recognition

Facebook's masive computer systems will soon be able to recognize familiar faces. Facebook is changing the process for tagging friends in photos uploaded to the social network, the company announced on Tuesday. In the next few weeks, the system will scan all images posted to Facebook and suggest the names of people who appear in [...]

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