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Are American’s Work-Aholics?

When I lived in Denmark, the Danish work week was 37 hours a week or . It made me ponder if American's were successful because of their education, intellect, natural resources or because their workers just put more time in. What do you think? Country Minimum paid vacation days Paid public holidays Total Brazil 30 [...]

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The Best Quote on The Debt Ceiling Debate

The more I watch our political process in motion the sicker to my stomach I become. Where is the voice of reason? I thought local Utah blogger Connor Boyack summed it up nicely. These alarming circumstances have not been found without a silver lining by some. Several congressmen, Senator Mike Lee chief among them, are [...]

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Life Isn’t Fair

This is one of my good friend Jon's students who was featured on KBYU TV. If you think you have insurmountable problems how about going blind and then deaf.    

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