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Go Ron Paul Go

Ron Paul is the Rodney Dangerfield of the 2012 Presidential Race. That's too bad because he is the one rational thinking person in the race. Just Watch... Watch the latest video at Read More About Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

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I am a Bitch

The word "bitch", literally meaning a female dog, is a common slang term in the English language, especially used as a denigrating term applied to a person, commonly a woman. It often refers to someone who is belligerent, unreasonable, rudely intrusive or aggressive. Source: Wikipedia On my drive home from work I saw this woman [...]

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to IT Staff.

In the wonderful world of IT, people say the darnedest things... Do you know what my password is? I plugged my (personal device of choice) into the computer and now my computer has a virus warning. Ever since you updated my computer!! I cannot get on the internet. Do you know where I saved my [...]

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Happy 75th Birthday Bob!

Today is the 75th birthday of legendary actor/director/activist Robert Redford.  I was lucky enough to work for Bob Redford for 3 years at his Sundance Resort.  It was a great experience. While at Sundance, I heard Bob tell this story. Redford was good friends with Paul Newman. Newman had become a racing enthusiast and was [...]

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