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Gunny & Glock – Wrong Diner

The other night I was watching some self defense tv on one of the manly channels and saw a commercial for Glock Firearms. It made me laugh and who doesn't love R. Lee Ermey. I thought I would share it. For those who don't know I seem to be a tad partial to Glock.  I [...]

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Miley Cyrus Covers Bob Dylan

I was surfing the internet one morning and I read about a new Bob Dylan compilation album, Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International.  Who the hell came up with that name?  It just doesn’t roll off your tongue.  Any way…Chimes of Freedom is a charity compilation album featuring [...]

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10 Social Media TIps for Bloggers

This morning I was catching up on my Google Reader.  One of my favorite RSS feeds is from  Mashable is a tech site that deals with subjects that I am passionate about like blogging. Today the guest author Liz Borod Wright, shared 10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers.  The piece really spoke to me.  [...]

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How I Sold 5 Guitars Using YouTube

I like to help small businesses with their online marketing.  Starchild Music Productions a small guitar store and guitar teaching studio had purchased 5 Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE to sell to their customers.  After the guitars had sat on the shelf for a few months I decided to try an experiment to get these [...]

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