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High School Hoops Star Jabari Parker is Getting Wooooooed by BYU Fans

Remember Jimmer Fever at the BYU?? Well in a way its back but this time its. Jabari Parker Fever. Jabari Parker is an American high school basketball player from Chicago. He is entering his 2012–13 senior season for Simeon Career Academy. Many experts considered Parker the top player in the recruiting class of 2013,including ESPN, and Before his junior season, Dime Magazine declared him [...]

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World’s Biggest Pile Of Leaves

Nick Garrett, Johnny Murdock and their buddies also known as Bangakang build the world’s biggest pile of leaves and then jump into it from a rooftop. Garrett and friends used more than 1,000 bags of dried leaves from Logan, Utah and they estimate the pile to be 17 feet tall and 60 feet around. This is [...]

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President Reagan’s Farewell Speech from the Oval Office

This Tuesday is election day.  Its a day where every eligible American is guaranteed the right to choose the path for his country.  Over the years, I find it amazing how divisive America has become. How party lines have been drawn with no ability compromise. You are either blue or red. There is no gray. The other [...]

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My Good Friend Jon Dansie of Starchild Music in Sandy

Today’s blog post I would like to talk about friends.  Friends come in all sizes shapes and colors.  Some friends last a lifetime while others quickly come and go. Friends are what make the world a better place. Today I would like to talk about my good friend Jon. I met Jon Dansie five years [...]

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