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Good Bye and Good Riddance 2013

So here we sit at the very end of 2013.  I sit and wonder about the next year but before I do that I reflect upon the last 365 days. I had no idea the hardship I/we would face this year. Some of the low lights… Zach’s stay with us would end abruptly. My mom [...]

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Ki – The BEST Mobile Device Security Protection EVER!

Ki is a tiny wireless ID that automatically unlocks your mobile devices just by getting close. Eliminate password & PINs entirely with invisible security - Ki! My friend and cousin's husband Jess has created a device for securing mobile devices invisible without swipes and codes and other methods of securing mobile devices like phones, tablets [...]

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A Tribute to Dispatchers

You may or may not know that I work for a large 911 dispatch center.  Often times people have no idea what a tough job it its.  Here is a piece written by a police cheif that gives some insight. A Tribute To Dispatchers By Chief Thomas Wagoner Loveland (Colo.) Police Department Someone once asked [...]

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