Google’s Blogger platform, is probably the most popular blogging service. There are literally millions of blogger blogs. However just because they are popular doesn’t mean that Blogger is the best route to go when creating a blog. Here are my 5 reasons why you shouldn’t use Blogger.

1. The pros don’t use it. Think, when was the last time you came across a professional blog hosted at a blogspot domain? What is NEVER? No serious blogger will use it. The biggest reason is that according to Google’s Terms of Service you don’t own your content. Business should never ever use blogger.

2. Limited customizability. There are very few themes available for Blogger, whereas for WordPress, there are more than 100 free themes available for their free hosted site at and there are literally millions of themes for self hosted WordPress sites. Eransworld is a self-hosted WordPress site.  Blogger doesn’t allow users to add widgets (free code to do special things to your blog) but supplies many, which are easily dragged and dropped right into the sidebar.

3. You aren’t promoting your blog, you’re promoting Blogger. Every part of your blog on blogspot has a promotion on it not promoting you but them. Every backlink you get goes to the blogspot domain, promoting Blogger and not you. With the navigation bar at the top of everyone’s Blogger blog, it steals away your branding. If nothing else reread your terms of service with Google.

4. Your blog has no monetary value. You can’t sell you blog after all your hard work. You can’t even sell a domain, since a Blogger blog uses a subdomain. Google also makes it difficult to export your posts.

5. Blogger is the official home of the splog. Yep, most spam blogs you see come straight from Blogger. Because blogger is known as a serious splog site your site becomes less trustworthy by others. It makes your information less trustworthy. If you don’t have the trust as an expert in your field your readership will go elsewhere.  Its all about credibility on the web.

6. Bonus Reason. Better Search Engine Optimization: This website has been a hosted site since 2000.  When I made the jump from using blogger as my blogging platform to using WordPress my site traffic tripled in the first year.  Every year since then it has at least doubled. This year alone I am on pace to exceed 50,000 unique visitors.  Wordpress is designed to be Search Engine Friendly.  Google loves WordPress sites.


These are my five reasons for not using Blogger. These should be 5 reasons why you aren’t using them either. The reason most people give as to why they use blogger is that its easy.  It was easy but now there are easier and better ways to blog.  If you want easy I would move your blog to or even better a hosted wordpress site. If you are interested in creating your own blog and use a host please contact