Recently Gigi Smith, the Police manager of the 911 center I work for was interviewed on The Dr. Oz Show about the three biggest mistakes when calling 911.

During an emergency every second counts. Learn the 3 mistakes you should never make when calling 911 and how to avoid them.

1. If you call 911 and you get a recording DO NOT HANG UP. If you hang up and call back you will be sent to the back of the cue. There are only two instances when you should hang up. If help has arrived or if the 911 call taker says it’s ok to hang up.

2. If you have an option of making the call on a cell phone or a landline, use the landline. The land line is the easiest and most accurate way for 911 to locate you. Landlines send Ani/Ali information that is more accurate than cell phone Ani/Ali information.

3, Remain calm, answer all the 911 call takers questions and do everything the 911 call taker asks you to do. The questions are used to assess the situation and to make sure the right people and equipment arrive to help you as quickly as possible.

Only call 911 in an emergency.

Click here to print Dr. Oz’s Emergency Information Chart…