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Getting Stuck in Mary Ellen Gultch American Fork Canyon

Getting Stuck in Mary Ellen Gulch American Fork Canyon Utah 05-27-03 This was just supposed to be a short jaunt up into the mountains... You know the story a "3 Hour Tour"... ala Gilligan's Island. Then in the middle of the trail after turning around so we wouldn't get stuck. Boom It happens an Oooops!!! [...]

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Our Adventure to Miller Hill, American Fork Canyon

My wife and I love to go out into the the local canyons and explore. I had read about Miller hill . So we decided to trek out to see it. We had tried several times before we found out we were taking the wrong trail. The text below is from the seperate pages of [...]

By |2016-11-10T20:52:35-06:00June 7th, 2009|3 Comments

Forest Lake, American Fork Canyon

08-02-03 On Saturday we decided to go 4 wheeling. It is something my wife and I love to do. We went up American Fork Canyon up above Tibble Fork Reservour to a place called Forest Lake. The trail to Forest lake is a fun little trail with some interesting trail obstacles if you take all [...]

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Forest Lake Trail American Fork Canyon, Utah

07-15-05, I traded the 02 Jeep TJ for an 05 Jeep Rubicon.  New Jeep Rubicon & Liberty Pictures. Since it was the maiden voyage of the new jeep I decided to hit a trail that has always been fairly easy with a few tough spots. The winter run off has changed this trail substantially. I [...]

By |2013-06-09T10:14:16-06:00June 7th, 2009|1 Comment

Mineral Basin

mineral basin 8-18-02 these are pictures of backing over a rock and getting high centered on it for a breif moment up American Fork Canyon in the mineral basin area.

By |2009-06-07T19:47:18-06:00June 7th, 2009|0 Comments


I have tried to document our trips which have been mostly day trips from Lehi, UT. Gardener Fork Road 08-27-05 We did a little exploring up Gardner Fork Road off the end of SR 213 out of Oakley Utah near Smith-Moorehouse Reservoir Nature Improved Forest Lake Trail 07-15-05 After a long wet winter the road [...]

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