I swear most days it feels as if the vendors who supply products and software for my day job are in a competition to provide us with the absolute worst service ever.  They seem to go out of their way to take our money quickly and provide the absolute least in return.

I hate that and would fire many of our vendors if I could. Maybe that is why they treat us with such crappy service.

Recently I had a different experience but before I tell you about them I must include the details of my problem.

The Problem

I was trying to order access cards for our building access control system.  We had been using a local vendor who was supplying us with the usual piss poor service. In late August I called up my dubious vendor and ordered the cards I needed.  A month later I called back and no one knew anything about my order and we would reorder. This happened FOUR times.

Finally I decided to stop being insane.  You know doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I started trying to find a new vendor online.  It turns out our system uses proprietary cards.  I contact the proprietary manufacturer who informs me I cannot buy direct but that they will have some one call me with resellers in Utah.  I wait a few days no call back. I call and leave a message on the sales rep for my area. No call back.  I don’t understand either of these companies.  I have a $500 order with cash in hand.  All you have to do is provide the product.  Finally I send an email to the sales address on their website.  A week later I get a response with four local vendors who can help me order these cards.  At the top of the list is the company that I had tried to order from originally. I sent a short email reply thanking them and informing them of my bad experience with the top supplier.  For kicks and giggles I cc’ed the head of the bad supplier.

Amazing how fast a negative email to a wholesaler about a reseller will get a response.  My phone started ringing and my email box filled up with questions from my original reseller.  I simply responded you failed and I found another supplier, a small piece of justice in my mind.

Now the whole reason I told you about this is to highlight my new supplier.

The Solution

The email I received with the reseller information included a company I had used before at Sundance. The company is Mountainland Business Systems.

So I placed a call to Mountainland Business Systems.

Ben Ashby answered the phone and told me he would gladly help me out.  He ordered the cards we desperately needed.  He asked me to email all the card information so that he could find the correct ones.  He responded to every email immediately.  He quickly had our account set up with our tax free information and he had our cards ordered.  He gave me the price upfront and an estimated time of arrival.  Something my ex-vendor didn’t ever provide.

The best part about this was that when my cards arrived Ben didn’t call me and tell me to come pick them up.  NO!!!  Ben drove out and delivered them in person.  He brought swag as well.  He also brought a coworker who is a Photo ID consultant. He asked about our operation and what other possible needs we have.  I am stoked to have them as a Fargo printer shop.  It will help with my hate/hate relationship with that damn printer.

Ben did an awesome job for his company. He did what he said he would.  He went the extra mile to provide us great service.  Ben became a hero and a valuable asset to me.  Ben exceeded my expectations and because of this I will continue to do business with him.

Kudos to Mountainland Business Systems and Thank You Ben Ashby.

So if you need help with your AMAG Access Control System or with a Fargo ID Printer Please call my new BFF  Ben Ashby at Mountainland Business Systems.

Ben Ashby –Access Control  & CCTV Consultant

Mountainland Business Systems –http://mlbs.com/

180 West 2950 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84115

801-487-8508 EXT 1214