About Me

Eran BairMy  name is Eran Bair and I am a web junkie. I have a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix after attending BYU for 5 years, University of Utah for two years, Utah Valley University for 2 years..  I work full time fulfilling the needs of IT for Utah’s largest 911 call center.  By night, I am a blogger, web consultant, guitar player, parent, with a serious addiction to jeeping and ATVs. I spent 7 great yeas as foster parent to a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. I am a native Californian in exile in Utah. My resume is at eranbair.com

About This Site

This website began in 1997.  It started out as a project while I was working for WordPerfect.  I was tasked with creating a web page for the localization department where I worked.  The first few years it was hosted at the free webpage portal tripod.com.

The site is hosted with GoDaddy.com

Site Purpose

The main purpose of this site was to experiment with  web technologies especially blogging, wordpress, and SEO.  It also houses a place for me to vent, rant, talk about promote and encourage.  My topics are incredible varied.  I tend to write about things that are technology, music and politics.

Site Rules

There are very few if any.  Other than deleting spam comments,  I do not edit or change any comments and I read every comment and try to respond.  All Links and comments are dofollow so pimp away.  I am happy to have guest posters. I love people who challenge my ideas.  I am not easily offended.

Site Sponsors/Disclosure

I currently only use Google’s Adsense to fund this site.  I am occasionally paid for posts. (See Disclosure) I often contract out to Webnovate. I am also the owner and writer at myatvblog.com I am also a string reporter for OutdoorHub.com.

Site Details

Host: GoDaddy.com

Blogging Platform: WordPress

WordPress Premium Theme: Avada

54,000+ unique visitors for 2012

About My Beliefs

-I believe in God
-I believe in smaller government.
-I believe in the Constitution as written not as how its being twisted
-I believe there are too many damn lawyers
-I strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment.
I believe in one’s right to protect one’s self, family and property
-I believe we have become a Nation of whiners.
-I believe the Nanny state is out of control. Everyone needs to be personally responsible for their actions and not blame others. MAN UP!

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