Acoustic Guitar Music

I thought today I would blog about some of my favorite acoustic guitar songs of all time. This is just a random sampling from my music collection. There are hundreds more but these came to my mind to share.

Shelter from the Storm -Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks 1975

I love this song. Its by far my favorite Dylan tune. A song about redemption and for once Dylan’s guitar are up to the poet’s lyrics.

You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away — Beatles 1965

The Beatles so much has been written about one of the greatest bands of all time. I love the waltz timing. The simple everything. simple guitar and simple drums but magical Beatles.  Listen to the song and enjoy the magic.

Pinball Wizard — The Who 1969

I know that this isn’t a completely acoustic song but I love he acoustic guitar tension in the beginning that never quite gets resolved.  It makes you fall in love with a suspended 4th chord. The song is accented with screaming electric guitar on the power chorus.  Anyone who isn’t a fan of the Who needs to pull their head out and get on board.  I believe that the Who are one of the greatest live bands ever. Search YouTube for the Who and discover for yourself.

The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) –Simon & Garfunkel  1966

Paul Simon could fill this list all by himself.  There are probably better examples of Paul Simon’s genius acoustic guitar sound but this song always reminds me of riding in the car with my mom. I love still love the music mom.  Other notable tunes include Homeward Bound and The Boxer (still kicking butt 30 years later SImon with a lone guitar and Garfunkel singing  together).

Gallows Pole -Led Zepplin 1970

Gallows Pole is off of Led Zepplin III which seems to include more acoustic music. Gallows Pole is an old folk song made famous by Led Zepplin. Jimmy Page doesn’t disappoint and shows his acoustic chops with a driving rhythm mixing melodically with the base and drums.  What other song has a hurdy-gurdy?

Wild Horses -The Rolling Stones 1971

Keith Richards gets all the praise but I think Ronnie Wood is just as important in the Stones especially on acoustic guitar. Ronnie Wood accompanies Keith and Mick perfectly. I love this version from the album Stripped.

Before You Accuse Me -Eric Clapton Unplugged 1991

Eric Clapton dropped a bombshell of a hit album in 1991 when he released an acoustic album covering many many blues standards.  He shows off his chops and wows the audience. My favorite cut is this one.

Goin Down to the River -Mississippi Fred McDowell  Mississippi Delta Blues 1965

Words do this one no justice Just watch and listen.

Landslides/Big Love –Fleetwood Mac

The classic Stevie Nicks ballad is immortalized with the acoustic guitar of  Lindsey Buckingham.  The playing makes it an instant acoustic classic. If you doubt Lindsey’s ability to shred on the acoustic I included an acoustic version of Big Love to remove all doubt.