American International Group Inc. (AIG) is screwing over America… The United States Government which has invested $170 billion to keep AIG alive, and government officials acknowledged the company may need more money if the economy worsens.

On Monday, AIG reported a $61.7 billion fourth-quarter loss that brought losses for 2008 to $99.3 billion. Its assets also shrank, from over $1 trillion as of Sept. 30 to $860 billion at year-end 2008.

In the fourth quarter, AIG took $13 billion in charges on distressed investments, particularly related to commercial mortgages. Another $7 billion hit came from interest and other costs associated with a federal loan central to the bailout. Source: Wall Street Journal

Lets put this in to numbers we can comprehend.

Every day AIG lost: $670 million. 670,000,000

Every hour AIG lost: $27.9 million. 27,000,000

Every minute AIG lost: $465 thousand. 465,000

Every second AIG lost: $7,750.

I believe that the corporate management team aka the board of directors should be held accountable and the group should be brought to justice. I believe the members should be stripped of all personal and business assests including cash, retirements, homes, cars, jewelry, art and anything that can be sold for cash to go to the government for paying their bill. I believe they should all go to prison.

To help put them behind bars I have created the AIG’s 11 Most Wanted Fugitive List.


Stephen F. Bollenbach Stephen F. Bollenbach

Former Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Hilton Hotels Corporation

Dennis D Dammerman Dennis D. Dammerman

Former Vice Chairman of the Board

General Electric Company

Former Chairman

GE Capital Services

Martin S. Feldstein Martin S. Feldstein

Professor of Economics

Harvard University

President Emeritus

National Bureau of Economic Research

Edward M. Liddy Edward M. Liddy

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

American International Group, Inc.

George L. Miles Jr. George L. Miles, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

WQED Multimedia

Suzanne Nora Johnson Suzanne Nora Johnson

Senior Director

Former Vice Chairman

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Morris W. Offit Morris W. Offit


Offit Capital Advisors LLC

Founder and Former

Chief Executive Officer OFFITBANK

James F. Orr III James F. Orr III

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The Rockefeller Foundation

Virginia M. Rometty Virginia M. Rometty

Senior Vice President

Global Sales and Distribution

IBM Corporation

Michael H. Sutton Michael H. Sutton


Former Chief Accountant of the United States Securities and

Exchange Commission

Edmun S. W. Tse Edmund S. W. Tse

Senior Vice Chairman, Life Insurance

American International Group, Inc.

Source: AIG Board Of Directors

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