You sugar coat it.

reinvestment-actUtah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is covering up the ugliness of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) with a new road sign. UTDOT has decided to take the no shame route and advertise they are spending the economic stimulus package. Every road construction/repair project being funded by the ARRA will now carry this red badge of courage reminding us all that we are spending our grandchildren’s future.

Kris Peterson of  UDOT says “It helps everyone know and gain confidence our economy is strong and growing.”

“Even making the sign and the installation of it put someone back to work. We’re putting those dollars in the economy where it makes sense,”  Peterson said.

Utah received $213,545,653 in funding for transportation projects. Source or a more vague accounting through via

Wondering where you can see the signs? Complete UDOT List Here

Why can’t anyone promote financial responsibility at any level?

Update: May 19, 2009, Michelle Malkin finds similar repulsive advertising for pork  in her post Your stimulus dollars at work