What the hell has happened to Apple?

Steve Jobs and Apple  are acting like the Gestapo.

The background story in short…

An Apple engineer looses the next-gen iPhone prototype at a bar.  Some one finds it and and attempts to return it to Apple. Apple doesn’t realize its missing or whatever.  The finder after realizing that Apple doesn’t want it back, sells it to a tech site Gizmodo.

Apple has a cow…

Apple makes some calls “through its counsel” and the next thing to happen is that Jason Chen, one of the editors of the Gizmodo has his door kicked in, his house searched and his computers taken.  Apparently Apple has the power of Searches and Seizures. However California has a law that a journalists may not have a search warrant executed if the journalist is protecting a source. (see California Penal Code 1524(g) which refers to Evidence Code 1070).

Apple is now THE MAN

So Apple has the power to get the government to bust down a door and search homes in violation of the law?

I understand corporate espionage is a big deal. Businesses lose millions of dollars because of it.  Theft of data and intellectual property happens constantly. It should be stopped but it shouldn’t be stopped by attacking innocent people.

However this time I think Apple has gone to far.  Violating the law is an issue. Apple is appearing more and more like big brother lately.  In recent memory Apple has been extremely controlling over its apps store by deeming many to be “inappropriate“. (Google: Apple blocks apps) Its recent  iPad product is blocking major web technologies in an effort to control content.

I find this all quite disturbing… as does Jon Stewart in his hilarious rant…

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Stewart’s best quote of many:

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Microsoft was supposed to be the evil one, but now you guys are busting down doors in Palo Alto while Commandant Gates is ridding the world of mosquitoes.”