My cousins band Super Hero is competing to open for Blink 182.  The lead singer Evan Rothwell works with me and wrote this:

My band Superhero is entered in a competition through X96 to open for Blink 182 on Sept. 7th, 2009.

What i need YOUR help with is to vote for my band!

This show is going to be at the Mckay Events Center, it will be a stadium show that will probably sell out.  It’s safe to say I would love to rock out with my band in front of thousands of people!

The voting url is

You’ll of course need to do this NOT at work, and make sure to click the vote button (by SUPERHERO) until it tells you “thanks for voting” in place of all the vote boxes.

The competition is vote based.  With a ruling given to one vote per IP address.  What that means is you can only vote once on any given internet connection.

If it is a dial up connection, it probably has a different IP connection every time you dial up!  Either way, vote as much as you can, by any means you can.

I don’t typically solicite myself and band out like this.  But this is a very big opportunity.  So please vote! Tell your friends to vote! Tell your grandmothers,lawyers,stepchildren,long lost cousins, and estranged significant others to vote!  Every Vote Counts!

Thank you in advance!