than any other President in history. Over the last few months America’s love affair with their guns has taken people off of the sidelines and into gun stores across America. Gun sales have surged after Obama’s election. Don’t believe me!!! Read the results for your selves. The American people fear new, stricter, and far more reaching gun ban due to the election of more Democrats this election season. The Brady Bill II is about to be unleashed on America and Americans are scared.  It has been interesting to see the lack of stock at local and national Guns & Ammo stores. The shelves here in Utah are empty. Supplies are extremely low on weapons, ammo, and reloading supplies. It has been an interesting phenomenon. We have a President-elect who supports strict gun laws. Due to his belief in reducing gun related violence, he is actually promoting gun sales just by the mere fact he was elected. I find that quite amusing actually.

I don’t believe that most gun laws work. Criminals are going to get guns to do bad things. The only thing that strict gun laws do is prevent average law abiding people from obtaining weapons to defend themselves and their property. That being said I do believe in background checks of all persons purchasing a gun. I believe in age limits or parental consent. I do not believe in micro stamping on ammunition. I do not believe in waiting periods. I do not believe in liability of manufacturers or previous owners in gun related violence. I don’t view suicide by gun as a gun death. I do not believe in guns killing people. I believe people kill people. I don’t believe that 98% of gun laws prevent anything other than one’s ability to defend ones self or property.

I have included one of the best vocal supports of these facts below. Enjoy.
Suzanna Gratia-Hupp: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For