Being a BYU fan is a lot like being a Chicago Cubs fan… It just brings heart ache. Tonight BYU season ended prematurely like a thorough bred breaking its leg in the first race of the triple crown. BYU Football was having a wonderful season all the way up until October when something happened, a chink in the armor appeared. I sensed trouble in the Utah State game. It seemed like BYU had read their own press and Utah State was a non issue. Look at us on Sports Center and College Game Day aren’t we awesome. Oh boy here comes the pride cycle humble pie alamode.

Although the score doesn’t reflect it beating Utah St 34-14 the  chinks were beginning to appear.  It started in the second quarter of the Utah State game that the Cougars offense started to show signs of weakness. Things just seemed flat. Two interceptions and two lost fumbles were the cracks in the perfect season.  At first I thought the Cougars were just having an average win but then again it is Utah State and they are 1-5 with a 58-10 loss to Utah that could be described as juicing as in they were pulverized into juice. 

The next victim, New Mexico sitting 3-4 the Cougars won an underwhelming fashion 21-3.  BYU put up 21 points against a team that sucks.  BYU earned a monster 45 yards in the first quarter and only 175 yards by half time.  It appears New Mexico was wearing the kryptonite.  New Mexico made BYU struggle. The game for the most part is what I call a yawner.  I fell a sleep during the game and had no reason to wake up other than to turn off the tv at the end.  New Mexico if they had been a little more disciplined could have pulled off the monster upset but it just wasn’t to be as calls negated a NM touchdown. 

Enter the party pooper-TCU. TCU came in and declawed the Cougars in a game that was over early 2nd Quarter. We’re BYU isn’t going to get it done.  BYU looked like the practice squad in spring time.  I’m too disgusted to go into more detail. 

Bottomline the Cougars showed they were the Paper Lion… When its really on the line the Cougars pull a Karl Malone and not show up for the big game… giving one pathetic effort.  I guess I will probably watch the U of U game only because of its rich tradition but the rest of the BYU season is pointless. I bet we fall in ranking to #25.  The fruits of a weak schedule.