Without a doubt thieves suck! Recently a young, local entrepreneur beekeeper was struck by thieves who stole more than $12000 in bees and honey.  A local Utah startup organization decided to step up and create a funding campaign to help this kid out.  I felt this was blog worthy and decided to donate to the cause.

When bee rustlers recently stole $12,000 worth of bees and honey from 24 beehives owned by 15-year-old Utah entrepreneur Bryce Bunderson, at first we couldn’t get past our unique connection to this kid. The name of our organization is Beehive Startups; Bryce runs a literal beehive startup. We had to do something.

While our organization typically covers Utah tech startups, we think being an entrepreneur brings about enough pain and despair, no matter the industry, without having to endure the added agony of having some low-life thieves steal all of your hard work.

This campaign began with a simple rallying cry: “Utah entrepreneurs unite! One of our own is in trouble.” We reached out to our friends within Utah’s startup and tech community, many of whom appear in the above video, to help support our efforts.

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