KI logoKi is a tiny wireless ID that automatically unlocks your mobile devices just by getting close. Eliminate password & PINs entirely with invisible security – Ki!

My friend and cousin’s husband Jess has created a device for securing mobile devices invisible without swipes and codes and other methods of securing mobile devices like phones, tablets etc.

This is their attempt to get funding for the project.  Please read and if you are interested donate to them. Donate Here

Ki is the Best Mobile Device Protection Ever!

Introducing Ki

Hello Indiegogo supporters! We’re Jess & Ryan.  Jess has been in the hardware/software engineering industry for over 15 years.  Ryan is a Doctor (endodontist). We just love to build stuff!  Our passion is to improve products so “tech” can be easy.

The idea to create Ki came to us quite easily.  We were simply tired of having to use passwords, PIN numbers, finger scans and secret codes to gain access to our computing world – all day,  every day.  We wanted a way to make security “invisible”, or, in other words, we wanted our devices unlocked when we used them, and locked when we were away.   …And Ki was born.

Ki’s are small enough, and thin enough, to literally attach to any object that’s carried on your person.  We’ve started with a KeyChain, but anything can become a Ki.  Attach Ki to your watch, your belt, your wallet and yes, even to your keys.  We envision Ki’s in the future to be housed in clothing, jewelry and even shoes!

You’ve already gathered we’re a little lazy when it comes to protecting our devices.  In that spirit, we simplified the linking process too.  Our new single-step “kiss” quickly and securely links your Ki with any number of mobile devices.   

Shouldn’t being safe also be worry-free?  We think so.  Being protected means we don’t have to remember to think about security.   With Ki you can enjoy your tech the way it was meant to be used.

We are excited to bring Ki’s to you.  Help us make Ki the world’s choice for mobile device protection by supporting our campaign.  Simplify your life today and pre-order Ki.

Ki Info

What is Ki?

Ki is a tiny wireless ID chip that automatically unlocks any mobile device.  Ki “kisses” your mobile device with a proximity link.  (Kissing occurs when a Ki comes in range of any device to be unlocked)

How Ki works

When your Ki is in range of your mobile device, let’s say your iPhone, the iPhone automatically unlocks itself.  When your Ki is no longer in range, the iPhone locks itself.  Yeah, it really is that simple!

Secure AND easy

Ki’s security is completely transparent to the user.  With Ki there is no need to create that lengthy password you’ll either forget, or never use.  When Ki’s kiss (link) with your devices, your devices will be usable whenever your Ki’s are in range.  Your phone, tablet or notebook all can be automatically unlocked with a Ki.

No Ki, no access;  If your device is ever stolen, or simply left behind, there’s no need to worry.  It’s completely protected and secure.  Check out our danger-ous video’s to see why we all need Ki!

Help us bring Ki’s to market by supporting our campaign

Our initial goal is to produce 5,000 Ki units while launching Ki as a company (10,000 if we can!).  In order to achieve this goal, we’ve created a clever campaign enticing people to get Ki’ed!  Check out our cool Ki offers below and help us by pre-ordering Ki’s today.

*One Ki can be programmed to unlock several devices.  And devices can accept an unlock ID from multiple Ki’s.

**If, by chance, we don’t hit our goal, we’ve chosen to refund those who were supporting us.  We have enough experience to know that our campaign’s success really depends on us being able to build in larger quantities which enables us to keep our pricing down.  Our goal as a company is to provide this technology for under $50 with cool, lasting designs.

If we raise the $150,000 we’ll start with the iOS platform for Ki’s.  If we raise $250,000 we’ll deliver support for iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface, Mac & Windows platforms right from the start.

Other Ways You Can Help

Just because you can’t contribute, doesn’t mean you can’t help!  Please help us get the word out for Ki’s by sharing our campaign and video links!

QUESTIONS:  Ask away!