I know that many of my friends who read this have blogs and enjoy the creative outlet. These last few posts have been to inspire them and others to be more creative.

Today’s post is where I give thanks to the websites that helped me to build my blog. 90% of the things I did in 2009 to my site was gleaned from these websites.

Mashable-The Social Media Guide

Founded in July 2005, Mashable is the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media news. With more than 12.5 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the most prolific blog reviewing new Web sites and services, publishing breaking news on what’s new on the web and offering social media resources and guides. Mashable’s audience includes early adopters, social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, Web 2.0 aficionados and technology journalists. Mashable is also popular with bloggers, Twitter and Facebook users ” an increasingly influential demographic. ” About Us on Mashable

I don’t know where I discovered this site but I have been addicted to its feed ever since. If its web related they are covering it. The site is constantly updated with useful news and how to’s. Many of the plug-ins I use I discovered through Mashable. I wish more web sites devoted to news and niches were this good.

Mashable is successful because of a few things. First they deliver relevant content and they deliver it fast and reams of it. The site share tremendous knowledge with the average webmaster.

How To Make My Blog

I know that I mentioned this blog last summer but I really love it.  Marko Saric does a great job sharing his knowledge with others about how to create a great blog. He even took the time last time to post a comment thanking me and encouraging my dream project.

NOTE: Any blogger big or little who wants success leave comments on other blogs that encourage others and your blog will grow I promise you.

I wish that Marko would post even more than he does.  I know he spends a large amount of time creating his content but his content is so delicious.  I have been revisiting this post over the last few days.  Each visit I learn something new, a new idea, a new motivation, a new thirst for my next blog adventure that I am working on. I promise I will announce it soon.

MattFlies  a tech and news blog

Matt has a lot of great content about WordPress and Thesis.  I read his 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. It was a daily inspiration to help me get focused on what I was doing and what I needed to do. I loved it. I highly recommend it.  I loved this post 100 Resources for Thesis WordPress Theme Users

Daily Blog Tips

I use this site for inspiration when I am unmotivated. Relevant posts seem to spring up when I need them most. There are lots of posts about basic blogging do’s don’ts and advice.  I like the guest posts. Guest posts re-energizes me and probably the site when it needs it.

One of my favorite features of the site is the Blogger Face Off’s. It gives a behind the scenes look and advice from successful bloggers.

There are thousands of great resources on the internet to help you improve your blog. These are just a few that I like and have used.

Today’s Message: Get of your butt and get inspired about your blog.