With the approval of the President, Attorney General Eric Holder is bringing self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his four planning buddies to New York City to stand trial. Holder is moving them from the Guantanamo detention center where they were to be tried by a military tribunal. The decision drew immediate criticism from lawmakers and the victims’ families.

I think Eric Holder and President Obama have lost their minds.

Charles Krauthammer made excellent points about it on Fox News today. I think Krauthammer is spot on with his assessment of The Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement that the captured 9/11 conspirators will be tried on American soil.

Video Courtesy of HotAir Blog

Questions I have as average Joe American.

Since when does a terrorist captured outside the United States get Constitutionally guaranteed rights of a citizen?

Did we read him is Miranda rights when we arrested him in Pakistan?

Did we get search warrants for his homes?

What does America have to gain from having the trial here?

Why would we want a criminal trial? Isn’t this a war criminal?

What if they are acquitted like O J Simpson?

Where are we going to find a jury of terrorists?

I think this whole business of trying him here in America is completely absurd. These terrorists are going to come to court make a complete circus out of the whole process. Its going to be a circus any way but why make it worse. Its a travesty to the victims of  9/11. This guy is a captured war criminal. He should get his military tribunal and let him hang. Mohammad has asked to plead guilty and to be executed. Give him the virgins.

The Fox News Website has a poll.

Do you think Obama and Holder made the right decision to bring self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind to NYC to stand trial?

95% Voted “No. Moving them to the U.S. jeopardizes the case and raises terror concerns in NYC. They should be tried at Guantanamo.”

5%  Voted: Yes. New York City is the scene of the crime, and that’s where they should be tried. I’m confident that justice will be served.

Post your thoughts below?

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