When I turned 40, my wife diagnosed me as fat. She did two things that changed my life. She took me to the Runners Corner in Orem and I tried on about 50 different pairs of running shoes. I settled on a pricey little number by Brooks Running.  These shoes turned out to be the most comfortable shoes EVER.

Seven years later I still love Brooks shoes.  I am an addict.

My last two pairs however seemed to have a defect and the tread was peeling apart prematurely.  The first set I just passed it off as a bad pair.  No biggie I will by another pair.   Soon after purchasing them the tread started to separate just like the first pair.  I wasn’t sure what to do but I felt like maybe it was time for a different brand. I went camping with some close friends who told me to contact Brooks and they would make it right.

This pair had gone from my exercise shoe to my daily comfy shoes.  I figured what the heck I have nothing to lose.  I would like to note that I hate returning anything including anything I don’t like, didn’t work or has a serious defect.  I chalk it up to a life lesson and move on.

I went to the Brooks Running website and I filled out their form. I didn’t think to copy my form but the gist of it was this.

Dear Brooks Running

I love your shoes and have had 8-10 pairs in the last 7 years.  However my last two pairs have had a serious defect. The tread on the inside of the right shoe has come apart.  I don’t expect a warranty for the first pair as they are worn out. The second pair has been used but not worn out.  I don’t expect a replacement but instead was wondering if I could get a discount on a new pair.


Brooks responded

Thank you for contacting Brooks Running. We’re sorry to hear about your recent experience with our shoes. We would like to offer you a one-time courtesy replacement of the Adrenaline GTS 17 as an upgrade. Please select a color available in your size and reply back to this email with your choice:


Kind Regards,
Brooks Running
Runner Experience Team

I chose the color.

Sounds good Eran, we got those ordered for you. Your internal reference number is 1********3. There won’t be tracking information available since this is an internal order but you can expect the package in 5-7 business days.
The life expectancy of our performance running shoes is 300-500 miles, or 4-6 months when used for their intended purpose.  After that it’s time to get a new pair. Enjoy!

This is how you make a customer for life.  Brooks exceeded my expectations.  Educated me on their product and made a happy customer out of me.


Nice work Brooks Running! Thank You for my new shoes.

Now if only a certain public safety software company located in Bountiful, UT and rhymes with crackpot could offer such wonderful service and fix their broken product.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. The second thing was she did was hired me a personal trainer.