Last night was one of the big games of the year for college football University of Utah (9-0) vs TCU (9-1). Both teams were the top two ranked Non-BCS teams at 10 and 11.  TCU lost to the U of U 13-10 and in the process just opened the door for BYU Cougars to become relevent.  In my opinon the BYU Football season was over when they lost to TCU 32-7 on October 16. The rest of the schedule for BYU is as soft as an ice cream cone in Phoenix in mid July with the only decent team being its rival University of Utah.  TCU losing now makes Utah the only BCS buster team left and in the process it gives BYU and opportunity. 

BYU football now has the opportunity to make the rival U suffer a loss in an undefeated season and bust up their party in the BCS or they can poop out and make the U another legitimate BCS buster. Next weekend Utah plays a 1-8  San Diego State  who is with out a doube one of the worst college football teams this season. The U should crush these tards. While it would be funny to see the U stumble and lose to SDSU, it is seriously doubtful when SDSU made Wyoming, another pathetic team look like USC. This leaves only BYU to ruin Utah’s season, a roll that the Cougars love to play. However BYU has been traveling down the road flirting with disaster all season so it should be interesting.  Can BYU suck it up and post a win? Or will the Paper Lion appear again and they lose?  The game in a couple of weeks shall be interesting.