This made me laugh…

The NBA may be the only job opportunity on the planet where an employee can miss one-third of his workdays over a five-year span and then presume he is due a substantial raise. Since coming to the Jazz, (Carlos) Boozer has missed 134 games.

This is a quote from Gordon Monson in today’s Salt Lake Tribune: Monson: Utah Jazz should let Boozer walk.


I am not sure where most Jazz fans stand but  I think that there are more than a few that agree that Boozer has as many negatives as he does positives. The three biggest problems are:

  1. Fails to show up for the playoffs.  Boozer has done the Karl Malone and that is when the play offs start his play disappears.
  2. Injuries: Boozer seems to maximize his injury time off meaning he doesn’t play at anything less than 100% ever. Not a team play
  3. Selfish: he only has one interest and that is Carlos Boozer. Rarely if ever does he have the teams interest in mind.

I think that the Jazz should call Boozer’s bluff and let him go. Don’t agree to his outrageous demands. If Boozer wants to opt out. Let him go.