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Jimmy Chunga Plagiarizes a Joke

This morning I flipped on 101.9 the end for kicks and giggles. Following the Mr. West dust up and the internet following it has brought entertains me. So I am stooping down to listen… I know I know. This morning Jimmy Chunga shared one of his rules of life “If you made it until 30 [...]

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Chunga Gives Mister West the BOOOT!!!

So the truth comes out about a beloved radio DJ Deseret News... Friday, Feb. 22, 2008 12:56 a.m. MST —"Mister West," the former KENZ ("The End," FM-101.9) morning personality, now works for the Deseret Morning News as an assistant city editor. "It was the last thing in the world I expected," Mister said of his [...]

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When Trolls Attack

For a while now I have been predicting the final curtain call for a radio station I have loved, KENZ 101.9 The end. After spending a year sabbatical in Los Angeles I returned to Utah to Discover the End. It was a welcome fit after leaving some of the greatest stations in the world in [...]

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Mr. West Fans Strike Back

It appears Friends and Fans of Mister West are currently running an email campaign to let the station know what we think of their "non-renewal" of his contract. Please send your complaints to program manager: parker@1019theend.com and station manager: eric.hauenstein@citcomm.com.

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The End of 101.9 KENZ

A few days ago I turned on the radio to KENZ 101.9 The End for a listen because I have a fantasy that they will do the right thing and fire the DJ I Didn't Like in order to resurrect a good radio station. I think that she is killing the station slowly. I think [...]

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