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The Only Constant in Life Seems to Be Change

Recently life in my family has changed. Our foster son moved out after 6 and a half years of living with us.  We all knew that this day was coming.  We all thought we had another school year before this happened.  Apparently we didn't.  It ended abruptly with out notice and certainly without closure. Its [...]

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Utah Snowmobile Avalanche

This is a friends video of a snowmobile caused avalanche.  It might have looked small but make no mistake while it may look small this is extremely dangerous and could have easily killed someone. Utah is a great destination for ATVing and snowmobiling. If you are looking to have a great adventure with snowmobiles in [...]

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My Other Project: MyATVBlog

About a year ago I began another blog.  MyAtvBlog.com.  The design is being completely redone so right now its very simple. I recently updated it if you would like to check it out.  It chronicles life with an atv. Here are some photos from my ride on Tuesday. See more here. [...]

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Best of State Nomination for My Guitar Teacher Jon Dansie’s Starchild Music Productions

I think a lot of my readers thought I was bragging about how great my guitar teach was in my post about How to Find a Guitar Teacher. Well its all true... Jon Dansie's Starchild Music Productions was nominated for Utah's Best of State Award. "This is a big #$%^ing deal." Vice President Joe Biden. [...]

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