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Artisan Guitar Works: Grip Studios Custom Guitar Wall Hangers

My buddy Floyd Kunz has decided to bust out on his own and start his own guitars, guitar gear and luthier service. Its called Artisan Guitar Works. I was at Floyd's shop and found that he  is currently selling a really cool wall mount guitar hanger from Grip Studios. Our hangers are built from the [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to let my friends and family know that I have a lot to give thanks for. I am thankful for my wife, and my two kids and the one in heaven. I am thankful for my family and massive extended family. I am thankful for my job, my house, the food we [...]

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Mom is God…

After work and a long commute home thank you UDOT... I was laying on my bed trying to watch some TV and relax. My three year old daughter comes in and jumps on the bed and says... "Dad Can I sing you a song?" "Sure"... She begins to sing a song from church... I am [...]

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Another Photo of My Great Grandfather

A while back I posted a newspaper article about my Great Grandparents. On a recent trip to visit my parents in San Antonio, TX, my parents had on their mantle a picture of my Great Grand father. I thought I would share it as its just like I remembered him... always in his garden.

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My Great Grandparents

My cousin sent me a newspaper article about my Great Grandparents from 1958. I thought it was cool enough to share. I was lucky enough to know my Great Grandpa. He was a funny guy.  He passed away when I was 21 at age 102.  Click on image to read. This is courtesy of my [...]

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