Kate Kelly Mormon Activist or LensCrafters’ Spokes Model?

Feminist, woman's activist and founder of  Ordain Woman and most recently Ex-Mormon, Kate Kelly has been all over the news locally in Utah as well as nationwide. Many people are asking why is Kate Kelly in the news? That's a great question. Apparently she believes that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints (The [...]

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I am a Bitch

The word "bitch", literally meaning a female dog, is a common slang term in the English language, especially used as a denigrating term applied to a person, commonly a woman. It often refers to someone who is belligerent, unreasonable, rudely intrusive or aggressive. Source: Wikipedia On my drive home from work I saw this woman [...]

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Utah Corrections creating commemorative coin for Ronnie Lee Gardner execution

Today’s rant… The Utah Department of Corrections is planning on issuing a commemorative coin for those who participate in the Ronnie Lee Gardner execution. We don’t have money to fund education in the State of Utah but we have money to fund a commemorative coin for the Ronnie Lee Gardner execution. Apparently since 1985 Utah’s [...]

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