Delta Airlines Destroys A Bike Used for Charity and Fails to Refund Shipping Charges

Delta Airlines recently Destroyed a Triathelete’s bike during transit. Triathelete James Lawrence is doing 20 triathons in 30 weeks to raise money for drought relief in Kenya. While traveling back from a triathlon in Hawaii his expensive custom bike was destroyed by Delta Airlines after paying $200 to check it. Delta is refusing to pay for the damage or even return the check baggage fee.

Golden Rentals Snowmobiles

The internet became the great equalizer of men when it became a medium for the customer to exact justice upon a particularly bad experience. Every year I am reminded of a bad snowmobile rental experience. ┬áRecently I have received over 20 emails asking me about Golden Rentals in Murray, Utah. ┬áI should have saved them […]